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Investment Banking

Mohammad Moniruzzaman

We have helped our Clients raise over USD 200 million of growth capital

Intellecap’s Investment Banking Practice Area has facilitated over USD 200 million of growth capital into enterprises that offer attractive financial returns while also having positive social and economic impact at the BOP. We work with enterprises at all stages of the growth spectrum, and we are consistently ranked amongst the most active transaction advisors in India.

We customize our services for every Client and transaction. During the last few years, we have assisted more than 50 young and emerging enterprises to raise equity and debt capital, and we have engaged more than 100 investors seeking to put their capital to work in these companies. Our relationship-focused approach; our broad and deep understanding of companies, investors, and financial markets; and our extensive knowledge and experience in our Focus Sectors, all make us the preferred investment banker for many social enterprises and investors seeking impact at the BOP.

Intellecap plans to expand its Investment Banking Services across Asia and Africa in the coming years while maintaining our focus on innovative businesses that can scale and provide social and environmental impact at the BOP.

+Financial Advisory Services

We work with entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate equity and debt investments.

We work with entrepreneurs and companies on the “sell side” to raise equity and debt capital to achieve their business growth objectives. Our specialized expertise and emphasis is on young and emerging companies in our Focus Sectors. We leverage our industry knowledge and market experience to help Clients find the right investor and achieve the optimum value and structure for their transactions. Our network of prospective investors for our Client companies includes Angel investors, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity Funds, Microfinance Investment Vehicles and Development Finance Institutions from around the world.

On the “buy side”, we work with a wide variety of investors to help them identify and execute successful investments with high impact in our Focus Sectors. Our “buy side” Clients include Angel investors, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity funds, Microfinance Investment Vehicles, Corporations, Development Finance Institutions, and other social and impact investors. We help these Clients scan the markets for appropriate investments, conduct business due diligence, and structure, negotiate, and close investment transactions. 

+Mergers and Acquisitions Services

We offer focused advice and guidance on M&A strategy and investment opportunities.

We also help our Clients create value and achieve their strategic objectives through Mergers and Acqusitions (M&A) Services. We represent both “sellers” and “buyers” of companies in our Focus Sectors, and we provide focused advice and guidance regarding M&A strategy and investment opportunities. Leveraging our strong domain knowledge and understanding of the entrepreneurs, companies, and investors in our Focus Sectors, we are able to find the right ‘fit’ for acquisition or sale opportunities and to negotiate the optimum structure and price for their investment.

+Corporate Finance Services

We provide strategic advice and decision support for business leaders and investors.

These Services generally consist of high level strategic advice and decision support for senior executives and investors. These Services frequently drive decisions leading to value creation and enhancement and are specially designed to meet a wide variety of Corporate Finance needs. Intellecap Corporate Finance Services include Business Planning, Business Restructuring, Due Diligence, Transaction Support and Readiness, Estimation of Fair Valuation and Data Room Management.