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Case Studies: Consulting

Exploring an enabling policy framework for supporting First Generation Enterprises

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK supports programs to promote action on global issues in areas of strategic importance to the UK and India. FCO, through its Prosperity Fund Program, is focused on promoting sustainable global growth with the objective of long-term policy changes in key emerging economies. FCO is working with Intellecap to identify and advocate for conducive a policy framework for funding and supporting First Generation Enterprises.

Designing the outreach strategy for a mobile based agri information service

A leading global IT services provider developed a mobile application that offers personalized and integrated services in the local language to farmers in India on their mobile phones. Farmers in remote areas will be able to connect to their stakeholders, access agricultural inputs, and information on farming practices, market prices, weather, and other essentials for improving yields. The company sought assistance in developing an outreach strategy that would help it reach its target audience based on a commercially sustainable business model.

Developing operational risk management systems for a Nigerian Microfinance Bank

SUSU Microfinance Bank is one of the first 8 microfinance banks licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Its target customer base includes micro and small enterprises, entrepreneurs and employees in private institutions. Following the financial crisis in the Nigerian microfinance sector, SUSU's management wanted to develop a sound operational risk management framework to minimize the risk of loss resulting from inadequate control on people, processes and systems.

Business planning for a for profit supplemental education initiative in India

The Client, a non-profit Foundation, works extensively in the education space through the avenues of remedial education, building pedagogy for government, and capacity for schools. The Foundation also trains teachers and supports underprivileged girls. The Foundation had started an additional initiative in supplemental education targeting underserved children in the urban BOP segment. It managed a pilot in Mumbai and was keen to explore the feasibility of spinning-off these operations as a distinct 'for profit' entity.

Promoting private sector participation in urban climate change resilience building in Asia

The Rockefeller Foundation supports work that expands opportunity and strengthens resilience to social, economic, health and environmental challenges. The Foundation has funded the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) which is focused on adaptation to climate change. Rockefeller Foundation and ACCRN mandated Intellecap to map private sector solutions that enable the urban poor to adapt to climate change in South and South-East Asia.

Managing DFID UK's Business Innovation Facility in India

Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is funded by DFID (Department for International Development), the external aid agency of the UK Government. BIF supports companies as they develop and implement inclusive businesses that expand opportunities for people at the BOP. The Facility is currently present across five countries Bangladesh, India, Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia and Intellecap is the Country Manager for BIF in India.