Manager, Sankalp Forum

“In the past two years, I have had the chance to work closely with and understand the business models of over 150 social enterprises. I have learnt more about business and global challenges in these two years than a mainstream career would have taught me in a decade.”

My Work

At Sankalp Forum, I am responsible for managing the social enterprises that are part of our platform. This includes sourcing high potential social enterprsies from around India and South East Asia, creating an environment conducive to their growth with capacity building for investment readiness as the key focus area, and building a community of over 30 partners who put their professional abilities and networks to play in supporting these enterprises.

I am driven by the exposure I get to new and innovative business models in social enterprise. Every year, Sankalp Forum discovers over 50 new startups - and this requires me to use creative thinking in finding aggregators of these businesses. Often the companies we work with are not familiar with terms like social enterprise and impact investing. Finding and supporting them is both challenging and rewarding.

My Impact

Working with startups is always interesting, but more so in the context of Sankalp because of the nature of enterprises we work with.

Forus Healthcare is a good example. The company has created an affordable opthamology device called 3nethra that can help doctors screen people for 5 curable illnesses that cause 90% of blindness in India. Forus won the Sankalp Award in 2011, and was also supported by my team in gaining access to other recognition platforms like the Samsung Innovation Quotient.

Forus is only one of the many enterprises I have had the privilege of working with. I am inspired when I think of the impact that Sankalp enterprises can have collectively.

My Future

I have gained access to a network of over 300 enterprises and 300 donors through my work at Sankalp Forum. In the long term, I plan to start my own social enterprise in the education and vocational training sector someday, and Intellecap has been a perfect learning platform.